Your industry is tough. Buying the stuff you need should be easy.

We know how hard it is to find quality discounted industrial goods and products. First, it’s time-consuming to find the right solution at the right price, and then you have the logistics to worry about. We also know that selling slow-moving, excess or provisioned stock can be more difficult, especially when cash flow is a concern.

Tradefed is your solution to these problems

Welcome to Africa’s/the world’s first tough stuff e-commerce marketplace – a one-stop-shop to connect the sellers and buyers of industrial goods to help our economies thrive.

Sellers love us! TradeFed allows vetted suppliers to upload their excess, provisioned, slow-moving, redundant and current stock onto a live platform to reach a previously untapped online market. No more auctions and brochures. Simply click and sell.

We understand the ins and outs of selling and buying tough stuff.

We are the leading marketplace for a growing list of commercial products such as agricultural goods, bulk foods, heavy-duty machinery, lighting and electrical, tools and hardware, to name a few.

TradeFed – the e-commerce backbone of Africa’s/the world’s toughest industries.

Automotive Stuff:
We’re here for the mechanics, the car experts and the petrolheads. Whether you need car or bike parts, engine parts, truck parts or trailers – we’ve got you covered. You’ll find everything you need here. Finding what you need is much easier than before.

Need farming equipment and machinery? You’ve come to the right place. You’ll find everything you need to let your agricultural business thrive.

If you are into surface or underground mining – you’ll need tough mining tools and equipment to get to the coal face. Here you’ll find protective gear, conveyor belting, crushers, pumping systems, mining machinery and pipes, to name a few.

Foods & Ingredients:
Need bulk stock to boost your food business? On the hunt for a quality bargain? You’ve come to the right place. We sell spices, seasonings, soups and a variety of non-perishable goods here.

Switch on ultra-convenience with our lighting solutions. Whether you need bathroom and home lighting or commercial and floor lighting – we sell it all. We offer eco-friendly products like LED lights, wire and track systems, as well as an array of fluorescent lights, halogen bulbs, lamps and spotlights. Here you’ll find everything you need to light the way.

Tools and Hardware:
Tough jobs need tough tools. From abrasive chemicals, hydraulic tools, bearings, fasteners and drill bits – we’ve got the hardware, hand tools and toolkits you need to get the job done!

We’re champions for Africa’s toughest industries. On our site, you’ll find high-quality, vetted industrial goods for any job. Look no further. We even have PPE, medical supplies and occupational health and safety products to keep people safe while they get on with their business. Shopfitters will find ideal retail store fixtures, and tradesmen will find everything they need from toolkits tapes, adhesives to sealants. Whatever the need, we’ve got an industrial product for you.